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Outdoor Hanging Banners (Norwich)
Outdoor Hanging Banners (Norwich)Outdoor Hanging Banners (Norwich)
Post-Mounted Banners (NW Kent & SE London)
Post-Mounted Banners (NW Kent & SE London)Post-Mounted Banners (NW Kent & SE London)
Exterior Hanging Banners (Aberdeen)
Exterior Hanging Banners (Aberdeen)Exterior Hanging Banners (Aberdeen)
Floating Banners (Reading)
Floating Banners (Reading)Floating Banners (Reading)
Indoor Hanging Banners (Manchester Sth)
Indoor Hanging Banners (Manchester Sth)Indoor Hanging Banners (Manchester Sth)
Museum Ceiling Banners (Sheffield)
Museum Ceiling Banners (Sheffield)Museum Ceiling Banners (Sheffield)
Hanging Banners (Swansea)
Hanging Banners (Swansea)Hanging Banners (Swansea)
Hanging Wall Banners (South Durham)
Hanging Wall Banners (South Durham)Hanging Wall Banners (South Durham)
Wall Mounted Banners (Warrington)
Wall Mounted Banners (Warrington)Wall Mounted Banners (Warrington)

Hanging Display Graphics

Ideal for use in the retail sector as part of your point of sale material, hanging banners are also great for advertising events in towns and cities, promoting school events or as part of your business display and exhibition tool kit.

Hanging banners are an effective form of advertising for indoor and outdoor promotion. Outdoor hanging banners are an eye-catching addition to a building exterior and can be wall-mounted or tensioned between two poles to appear floating from the wall. Interior hanging signs can really make an impact without disturbing pedestrian foot flow; ceiling banners are a perfect way to promote your brand, event or product from above!

Exterior banners are usually made from PVC because of the weather resistant properties that they provide. These hanging banners can be printed in full colour and Signs Express can provide replacement graphics to compliment your current marketing promotions.

Benefits of working with Signs Express

Big bold messages hanged from the roof or side of a building provide the ultimate visual effect for your organisation.
We understand you need reassurance in design and specification and confidence in a company such as ours so we demonstrate our health and safety considerations to protect visitors and staff.

Health and safety accredited

Versatile design and size options

Extensive product knowledge

Project management

Excellent customer service


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Please contact us using the form below, selecting your local branch and we shall respond to your request as soon as possible.

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