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Northwood exhibition standNorthwood exhibition stand
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Modular display standModular display stand
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Printed exhibition display panelsPrinted exhibition display panels
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Museum wall displaysMuseum wall displays
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Modular display solutionsModular display solutions

Modular Exhibition Displays

If you have an important exhibition to attend or have a regular exhibition timetable you will want an exhibition stand that sets your company apart from the rest of the stands and looks totally unique. We have great experience providing modular display stands and systems for events and promotional circumstances.

We can simply provide artwork at specific sizes which you can drop in or Velcro down to shell scheme panels. Alternatively we can work with your design team to create the perfect advertising mix or manufacture your entire modular display.

Once the frame work of an exhibition stand has been decided on we can supply updated graphics in the specific sizes for your latest promotion or suggest add-on artwork to further compliment your modular display stand.

When we design a modular display system we take into account what size it needs to be when erected but also how we can ensure it folds down so that it takes up the smallest amount of storage space. Modular display systems usually include smaller fold up stands and as much advertising medium space as possible.

We will work with you to ensure your message and branding is displayed across all sides of your exhibition space so that people who interact and pass by will remember what your brand is and more importantly what you do.

Both individual components and our modular display stands can be seen in our online exhibition catalogue. Each of our centres can walk clients through the benefits of having the different parts and components of the modular display system so clients can understand the full range of benefits suited to their individual business.

Benefits of working with Signs Express

Unique and individual exhibition stands and displays can be created with our assistance.

Using a range of materials and graphics choices, we can work with you and your design team to bring your ideas to reality. Installation and fitting also available.

Bespoke solutions to make an impact

Extensive product knowledge

Project management

Adherence to tight deadlines

Options to suit your budget


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Please contact us using the form below, selecting your local branch and we shall respond to your request as soon as possible.

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