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Mesh Partial Building Banner (Manchester SW)
Mesh Partial Building Banner (Manchester SW)Mesh Partial Building Banner (Manchester SW)
Full Building Wrap (Norwich)
Full Building Wrap (Norwich)Full Building Wrap (Norwich)
37m x 7m Mesh Banner  (Exeter)
37m x 7m Mesh Banner (Exeter)37m x 7m Mesh Banner (Exeter)
Mesh Scaffolding Banners (Derry)
Mesh Scaffolding Banners (Derry)Mesh Scaffolding Banners (Derry)
Mesh Banner (Peterborough)
Mesh Banner (Peterborough)Mesh Banner (Peterborough)
Fencing Mesh Banner (Warrington)
Fencing Mesh Banner (Warrington)Fencing Mesh Banner (Warrington)
Building Wrap (Crawley)
Building Wrap (Crawley)Building Wrap (Crawley)
Advertising Building Wrap (Harlow)
Advertising Building Wrap (Harlow)Advertising Building Wrap (Harlow)
Large Format Building Banner (Harrogate)
Large Format Building Banner (Harrogate)Large Format Building Banner (Harrogate)

Large Scale Banners & Wraps

Building wraps provide a bold and edgy advertising platform on a section or full side of your building and completely cover it in printed banners or window graphics. These large-scale graphics make a highly visible statement, perfect for events or new developments, and can also hide unsightly building works behind scaffold banners.

Building wraps can be permanently fixed on bricks or windows or can be temporary such as installations you see on large scaffolding projects. Scaffolding advertising and branding can be used to promote an event, service or upcoming development with full-colour, large-scale banners.

The largest temporary installations tend to be made from a lightweight mesh that is breathable and lets light into the building, yet still displays a bright colourful message for all to see. Because these building advertisements are constantly exposed to the weather, we make sure that all of our building wraps are water and fade resistant.

All artwork is printed on the latest wide format printers and fully enhanced digital printing capability means we can take your design and accommodate it in any size banner.

Benefits of working with Signs Express

Create attractive displays or bold statements on the side of your building with large mesh printed building wraps.
Using fully trained installers and large format print technology, we can make your idea a reality.

Health and safety accredited

Design and installation specification

Project management

High impact

Lightweight materials

Conceals construction works

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Please contact us using the form below, selecting your local branch and we shall respond to your request as soon as possible.

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