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The radio station aims to bring communities together by promoting equality, diversity and inclusivity and the bus will be an invaluable promotional tool in helping to achieve this.

Starting life as a beige shell, Signs Express (South Durham and Teesside) in conjunction with Signs Express (Gateshead and Wearside) has fully transformed the double decker bus with a striking vehicle wrap which included a multicoloured sound wave graphic and easily identifiable Pride Radio branding and logos adorning a contrasting black background. The bus also has a retractable canopy for use during event attendance.
Pride Radio bus graphics
Pride Radio bus graphicsPride Radio bus graphics
High impact bus graphics
High impact bus graphicsHigh impact bus graphics
Perfect for events
Perfect for eventsPerfect for events
Before and after photos
Before and after photosBefore and after photos
Peter Darrant, CEO of Pride Radio 89.2FM said, “Our new pride radio bus looks amazing and it's down to the great service we received from Signs Express. As a promotional and marketing vehicle, it really stands out and proud - exactly what we wanted!”

With research indicating that a vehicle can be seen by over 3000 people every hour on a busy road, the bus is sure to help promote awareness of the radio station.

As vehicle graphics are such a strong advertising tool, Signs Express has also used the medium to co-brand some of the windows. Using one-way vision film, visitors on the bus will still be able to see clearly from the inside out, but the integrity of the graphic is maintained with strong colourful branding complementing the Pride Radio look and feel.

Managing Director, Daniel Pickersgill said, “We were delighted to be commissioned for this project in time for the start of Pride season. We understand the real power of vehicle graphics and are very excited to see the bus travelling around the area. We only use quality vinyl materials and the graphics for this project were provided by Metamark.”

Signs Express (South Durham & Teesside) has skilled sign makers and vinyl installers in-house who were able to complete this challenging project. They are part of the UK’s largest signs and graphics company which has over 65 centres nationwide.

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